The psychology of life of the modern creative genius Shed Simove

The psychology of life of the modern creative genius Shed Simove

      Through our lifetime we all pursue a particular idea of building a career, starting a family, travelling around the world, devoting ourselves to a special personal cause, etc. But what happens when we get distracted by another suddenly popped up ambitious thought of success or feel a little bit uncertain if this is the right way to proceed? Shed Simove, the Ideas Man, can prove to you that creativity holds the greatest part of human’s brain and as soon as we realize how to use it to its fullest potential, we can all be entrepreneurs, artists, singers and everything we dream to be combined in one unique formula: Stand out from the crowd and transform strategies from the past into their version adapted to the present generations!.

       Shed truly believes that barriers exist only in our brains and points out that the main emphasis on education should be on „exploring, experimenting and falling – so that you know how to get up and learn from your mistakes”. He considers creativity not a superpower that privileged people can count on in order to be successful, but more like an unmistakable sense of adventurous mind with no limits and stereotypical precautions. He declares I certainly work hard on anything I do, even if it’s meant to be humorous or entertaining. Humor to me is very important because it helps us get through life,” underlining that this point of view doesn’t affect his hard-working qualities.


      As a Master of Experimental Psychology, Shed is completely aware of all psychological aspects of social relationships in business and their successful implementation into contemporary field of marketing and sales. What is intriguing about him is that he is a world-famous incarnation of „thinking outside of the box” and at the same time he is pretty lacking on the social media platforms. His publicity stunts wildly range from changing his name by deed to „God”, launching his own currency „The Ego”, printing 1000 rolls of toilet paper for the promotion of „Ideas Man” at the Edinburg Festival to releasing the World’s First Business Scratchcard, a working lottery ticket style business card revealing his contact details and other „prizes” when scratched off.


      It is absolutely fascinating accomplishment that Shed Simove has sold one million products worldwide and has been written in the „Guinness book of records” for selling a blank book called „What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex” translated to numerous languages all over the globe and helping him become the first person who reached the Amazon Top 50. Moreover, his „50 Shades of Gray” edition with 200 blank grey pages, going from light to dark grey through the book, so that it can be used as notebook, is another masterpiece of Shed’s humorous nature and legendary creativity.

      Regarding sales marketing, Shed is a founder and proud owner of highly innovative merchandising empire, including novelty gifts, executive toys, best-selling adult sweets, books, greeting cards and even his own currency. He is awarded twice with „Gift of the Year” for a smash hit „Sound Machine” and a range of birthday candles spelling „You’re Old”.

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      Shed Simove is an unbearable phenomenon in the field of creation of mobile applications as well – „Deets” and „Shinder” are two of his most successful strokes of genius. „Shinder” – a self-directing version of „Thinder” - is an application focused on dating experience of customers, which features only one person available to date – himself, although male users receive a message saying „Sorry, Shed is currently heterosexual”.


      In comparison, „Deets” is known as an application for connecting with business partners and clients without having a paper-printed business card, but digital one.


     In the role of motivational speaker he has performed unforgettably inspirational speeches and exciting stories describing his business career and personal path on many public conferences. And last but not least, you can enjoy Shed Simove’s truly compelling company if you attend this year’s most important digital conference of Southeastern Europe - Innowave Summit 2019!