Why attend business events?

Why attend business events?

From the cafeterias in 20thcentury to the business conferences these days - in both cases we see places which create a perspective environment that encourages creative and innovative actions.

Experts have been studying the ways and places where the most successful ideas, suitable partnerships and progressive businesses are conceived. And if in the past that place was the café which according to Steven Johnson, science author and media theorist, was the creative social hub in 20thcentury, today such opportunities exist on business events. There are many good reasons why you should attend business conferences. Whether you are a student looking for inspiration, a business owner trying to gain more recognition or an entrepreneur on the edge of the “Eureka” moment who needs a slight push, then business conferences are THE experience for you.

If you are still not completely convinced why you should attend business events, here you can find 10 benefits of attending:


1. Knowledge

The problem with internet is that everything is at our fingertips. The amount of data is so overwhelming which often keeps us away from the good material. Business events, on the other side, offer carefully selected and specific information which complements basic knowledge in the industry. In other words, you have the chance of learning some insights about already proven tactics from companies. This can improve your techniques and help you develop your business further.


2. Networking


There is nothing better than a real face to face connection, especially in the business sector where personality traits are as important as knowledge. Nevertheless, all significant business decisions are made in person! There is no doubt that the digital world provides a broad palette of communication opportunities, however, the impressions made at a face to face conversation are much more genuine and therefore most valued.


3. Creativity boost 


To all the people who work in an office, we understand that sometimes everyday work routine slows down the creative process and can result in mental blocks. So, how about a break in the form of a business conference? Stepping out of your office and meeting new people can be just the experience you need to keep yourself engaged and productive.


4. Experience the energy of like-minded people

If you look around at a business event, you will see people who took time off work to learn something new and “better” themselves. Just like you! They, too, will look for business relationship opportunities, so why miss out the chance when this can be exactly what you need to realise that business idea of yours or find the long-searched partnership?


5. Investment in YOU

Attending business event is an investment in yourself! Steven Covey introduces the term “sharpen the saw” in his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” which means preserving and improving our most valuable possession- ourselves through а balanced life. The time you use for self-growth and development will reflect on the person you will be tomorrow.


6. Leave the Comfort Zone

Not all of us are born public speakers and the idea of presenting can be daunting. However, you cannot deny the fact that running away is what hinders your business progress. The fear of being in the spotlight can cost you valuable opportunities! Business conferences can help you take off some pressure and become more self- confident. You will be able to break the framework you put yourself in and unveil new perspectives.


7. New trends and tools

Business events are the perfect place to learn about the new trends in the business world and also find out about the tools and techniques used by other professionals. This will help you to stay up-to- date with the innovations in your sector and stay at the top of your game. Competitive advantage is key!


8. New job opportunities

For those of you who just step in the industry or want to change your job, business conferences are your carte blanche where you can build your network from zero. Furthermore, you can connect with businesses that are otherwise unreachable. It is a common thing among major companies to offer jobs to inside employees rather than announcing job offerings in job hunt websites. Establishing contact with such organisations will give you an opportunity for integration!


9. Meet an inspiring person

Got a business idol? Business events are the places where you can meet the person you admire and talk to them. The only thing you need to take into your attention is when and where these people are participating. In case you don't have a person that inspires you, we guarantee that you will meet one at business conferences!

10. Fun and Integration

And let’s not forget that you will benefit from the experience of just being there! Being part of something big, feeling all kinds of emotions and sharing them with people just like you- sense of belonging that once felt will always find a way to you!

And finally let us ask you one question: We spend most of our life working, why not make it more special?