Process digitization: How to increase your business success with JobRouter®

Process digitization: How to increase your business success with JobRouter®

       Processes are the heart of every company. If they run well, so does the business. Nevertheless, for years the focus in digitizing business processes has been put on handling documents or investing in solutions for specific business areas. However, it is a misjudgement having its consequences.

      This digitization strategy leads to a problem with so called "one trick ponies". One starts with a certain solution solving one specific need, shortly after another specialized solution is added and so there are more and more isolated tools and applications that are used for different purposes: travel expense management, invoice verification, employee onboarding, contract management, etc.


Cons of “one trick ponies”: little transparency, hard traceability, digital false start

      These tools can only communicate with the rest of IT infrastructure with increased effort or are not able to do it at all. This in turn raises IT maintenance costs. On the other hand, this inhibited data flow causes that company-wide, cross-departmental business processes cannot be mapped: there are always waiting times, intermediate steps have to be processed manually and often incur mistakes. Moreover, additional cost arises when a process has to be adapted to a new company or market situation.


Rethinking required: Processes interconnect the company

      The JobRouter® digitization platform addresses the root of these problems and creates a solution that is suitable for the most diverse business requirements. With the help of versatile interfaces, JobRouter® fits into any existing IT infrastructure and connects applications, systems and employees through a stable digital data flow.


      JobRouter® communicates with your infrastructure and connects all company levels. This includes the data storage level with databases and archives and the application level with financial accounting, personnel administration, customer management or office applications.


Advantages of the JobRouter® Digitization Platform

      This interconnection creates the scope for real digital processes, since manual intermediate steps are skipped and the workflow is system-independent, automated and company-wide. Furthermore, the integrated data and document management as well as the audit-proof archive allow to digitize any business processes without necessity to purchase additional software. This gives a company freedom to map processes according to their usual workflows, optimize them digitally or develop a digital strategy that brings even more efficiency into daily work.

      In addition to this communication improvement, JobRouter® comes with numerous modules and functionalities that can be adopted to your application scenarios. For example, you can start with a simple business trip request and then extend to a complex travel expense report or invoice verification. This step-by-step approach allows you not only to keep costs under control, it also gives you an opportunity to gradually onboard your employees to the new system and consequently digitize new areas of company operations. This approach was recently introduced as a market trend by leading analysts such as Forrester Research under the term "Digital Process Automation".


Digitization breaks boundaries, JobRouter® gives you freedom

      Not only markets and business models are changing in the course of digitization, it is also driving new developments that are not foreseeable yet. In order to be well positioned for this uncertain future, decision-makers need a solid basis with room for manoeuvre.

      Only interconnecting processes, data and documents with systems and employees gives you freedom for further growth that is not hindered by system requirements or legacy software. You can continue to use familiar software and protect your investments, while JobRouter® allows you to map new, better digital processes - with comparably little programming effort.