10 tips for successful networking

10 tips for successful networking

We all know that already or will definitely hear  it at some point: Networking is important - a loud and clear message. However, sometimes it can be harder than it seems because we tend to miss out the most crucial rules for successful networking. If you are not able to draw positive results from your networking, then, you should change your strategy!

As a networking platform that connects the business world, we will give you '10 tips to help you improve your networking techniques and start seeing results'.


Networking is not self - serving!

A strategic networking happens when both parties add value. Mutually beneficial relationships have the potential to evolve. Look for ways to be beneficial to the people you want to connect with, so that you spark an interest in them as well. Don’t network for the sole purpose of presenting your company because people will see through that. Being a source of insight is your value proposition and will help you build connections with potential.


Don’t limit your network

Comfort level is okay at the beginning but when you seek results, you need to go further lengths. Closed network of people with similar backgrounds and points of view limits your exposure to new ideas. Communication with people from different industries can be highly advantageous in terms of adopting interesting techniques and approaches that may work in your business.


Be proactive

Engage, act, don’t stop. Even if you don’t think you need networking at the moment, do it! Waiting until the time you will desperately need something from someone is a risky move and will cost you more when the time comes. Don’t stop looking for opportunities because you have no idea what you may need in the future.


Don’t forget to follow up

Taking a business card is the first step but what comes after is essential for building a true connection. Sending a message within 24- 48 hours is the strategic act that you need in order to start the real relationship. People are busy and there is a good chance that they will forget about you if you don’t remind them who you were in time.


Leverage your relationships

It is often the case that people forget about their connections once they have served their purpose. Treating people like one-time solutions to problems will not help you grow a stable network. Quite the opposite, it will resonate in a bad reputation that you are not trustworthy and reliable. 


Use Social Media

Preparation is key! Use social media channels to get to know your contacts better. Like, comment, share, start a conversation!  When you meet them in person it will be easier for you because you will be able to refer to previous communication.


Don’t do all the talking

The key to successful networking is to be a good listener. Make sure you show the person you are talking to that you are interested. Sometimes, excitement and stress can make you overly talkative about yourself. You can avoid that by asking the person questions.


Prepare a plan

Building a strong network is like any other goal. That’s why you need a proper action plan on how to achieve it. Make a list of all the people you want to meet or strengthen your relationships with. How are you going to do that? Meeting someone for the first time- focus on great first impressions. Talking to a person you already know- find a way to establish regular meetings in the future. 


Be selective

You need to be selective about where you network. Quality is better than quantity. Going to every possible event is not the strategy you want to follow if your goal is to establish purposeful business relationships. Find the right place for you where you will find people who can help you.


Don’t behave like a fan

You need to establish your professionalism in order to see meaningful results. Taking up too much time of someone’s time and obsessing him with your presence is not a good idea. Showing the person that you value their time is important in order to gain credibility.


Enough theory, now what's left is for you to implement all of this!