9 profit-making ideas for StartUps with low budget

9 profit-making ideas for StartUps 
with low budget

      Have you ever dreamed of being a proud owner of your independent business, but never really had the courage to step up into action? Exclusive motivation, unceasing hesitation, detrmined bravery, irresistible insecurity - all this wild range of feelings are quite familiar to most of us. What if I tell you that you can finally fulfill this long-lasting dream as soon as you realize there are many paths to success, which don`t obligatory include great investments? Let`s start with 9 creative ideas for building your StartUp business plan.


1. Hiring a food trunk

      Although it might sound shocking to you at first, opening a store or a restaurant in a rented truck is actually quite money-saving idea. It`s an interesting fact that even stationary businesses are looking for this alternative in order to expand their current market. In addition, trucks are much more comfortable and practical regarding travelling between certain destinations such as festivals, parades, fairs and other kind of entertaining events, which bring crowds of numerous people together.



2. Self-publish on Amazon

      When it comes to publishing a book accredited agencies require some payment taxes and commissions that would be unnecessary if you decide to publish it on your own using the Amazon`s website. Undoubtedly, it may take a while until you find the proper ways to prepare your edition for sale, but once getting it done, your books will generate money over time and transform into a welcome income.



3. 3D printing services

      Surely you have heard of this modern trend, but probably never thought about it as a profitable business. Actually it`s getting more and more common among young people to print out their favorite action figure, model actor/actress doll, sculptures, etc. Imagine how you would steal the spotlight if you simply use some well-tried sales marketing strategies such as printing flayers, leaflets and displaying posters on noticeable locations around your city.

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4. Teach a Digital Course

      This is the perfect business idea in case you feel confident about your qualification in a specific field and you are willing to share your experience with the rest of the world. Immense amount of eager students from different ages, nationalities and cultures, flexible working hours, opportunity to work from anywhere, including your home, easy access to videos, blogs, presentations, podcasts and other useful materials - these are only few of the perks of the online teaching.



5. Affiliate marketing

         Nowadays it`s one of the most popular type of marketing, based on the promotion of certain products and receiving commissions of their sales. On the one hand, if you possess the ultimate commercial skills and enjoy the communication with people via different social media channels, this is your most satisfying field of work. On the other hand, if you have shy and hesitant personality rather than being pushy, it may not result in nothing as suitable for your professional specialization as you planned in the beginning.



6. Opening an Antique store

      Do you ever found yourself collecting old dusty objects from your relatives or trying to get rid of the unnecessary furniture you are keeping ever since your parent`s childhood? If the answer is yes, we present you the perfect solution to cleaning up some space and earning money at the same time. As an enthusiastic collector you are surely aware of the collecting value of every single one of the objects in your house and how to transform a hobby into a profitable antique store.



7. Professional organizing

      In case organizing comes naturally for you this is an unexpectedly innovative business idea. Many people search for someone to clean up their households mainly because they don`t have the time or they`re not inclined to put up with all the stress regarding this job. Moreover, you can start with printing some business cards with your contacts so clients will be aware of your service and easily find you anytime.



8. Image consultant

      It`s an unbearable fact that we are living a high-tech digital era, which comes with special characteristic requirements concerning all work fields. In order to build a professional website of your business and be on top of the list in searching it on Google, you need to pay attention to the content of your page, especially the photos and texts that are uploaded. This is the reason why more and more company founders are turning to image consultants, whose advices would be extremely helpful for a dreamed upraise. Not to mention that this job is related to particular psychological and photography knowledge of colors, shapes, perceptions, etc., presenting a whole science.



9. Drone videographer

      Perhaps you should consider buying a drone and founding your own company specializing with videography in case you are an adventurous soul craving for unexpectedly exciting challenges. If you have set up your mind to the idea of continuously travelling around the country or even around the world capturing numerous beautiful sunsets, city views, nature landscapes, weddings, birthdays, etc. and be well-paid for this, then don`t waste more time in reconsideration.